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A zombie from the hit TV show, The Walking Dead.

10 Mobile Game Marketing Trends For 2016

  • Oct 1 2015

Want to stay ahead of the curve on what’s hot in mobile game marketing? In countdown fashion, these are my top 10 mobile game marketing trends for 2016. The mobile games market is increasingly saturated, marketplace visibility continues to drop,¬†user acquisition cost¬†continues to rise, and we’re still seeing a bit of an exodus in pursuit […]

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An early depiction of virtual reality from the 1992 film, The Lawnmower Man

Virtual Reality Games: What It Takes To Lead The Resurgence

  • Sep 16 2015

Are you making virtual reality games? This guide will give you insight on how to approach marketing VR games with the goal of leading their resurgence. But beware. What I’m saying isn’t for those who simply want to try VR. It’s exclusively for serious developers and publishers of virtual reality games. I’m only talking to […]

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User acquisition is a lot like that head contraption from Saw.

5 Mobile Game Marketing Strategies To Reduce User Acquisition Cost

  • Sep 8 2015

Is your user acquisition cost too high? These are 5 mobile game marketing strategies to reduce UA cost, attract players and grow revenue organically. In the mobile game industry, paid advertising techniques on mobile devices, such as mobile ad networks, are what’s typically known as user acquisition or UA. It’s the standard way to monetize […]

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